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Russetid på Kolbotn :)

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Update: Local Burmese Take to the Streets!

Hey, guess what? Bergen has a small population of Burmese immigrants! I found this out today when I went into town wearing red with a bunch of posters. I ended up joining them in their march around town wich ended at the local city hall.

Unfortunately I hadn't braught my camera, but no matter, they braught theirs. They were very grateful for my support for their cause, and requested to take several pictures of my with my posters (one of wich on my back) as well as with them.

After saying hi to Lisa at her workplace, I rejoind them in their march. While I had put up many of my poster around town already, I still had some so I passed them around to fellow marchers to hold up and show people.

Tonight at 6 PM we're meeting again at the Norwegina monument in town, where we will be led to what I beleive to be a Chinese art exibition. Apperently one of the orginisers of the exibition wanted to use it as a venue for the Bermese people, whos oppressive government gets much support from China.

In addition to tonight, we're meeting again at the big blu rectangular block in town tomorrow at 7 PM. In the meantime I'm going to print out some more posters, as well as try to get permition from the local UPF leaders to call myself an official UPF representative in support of stopping the violence against the peaceful Monk-led protests in Burma.

Also, perhaps tonight I'll start writing letters to the MA cenetors and representatives, as well as to the Department of State and the Executive office of President Bush, encuraging their stance against the Junta and for democracy in Burma.

I pray any readers I might have can do all they can in support of this movement for freedom and human rites for the people of Burma.

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Fipher said...

Myanmar blocks monks, cuts Internet access

This is horrible! How are they going to be inspired by our international support of they can't access the internet to learn about our support?

Perhaps I can convince the UPF to send some ambassadors for peace there to let them know of our support as well as help them to peacefully march against the violent Junta.