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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gay Leader Goes Straight

Alright, so...

You probably easily guess that I am very straight. You might even guess by certain organisations I'm associated with that you could put me in the anti-gay crowd.

Well, you're right on both counts. In fact, I've even supported Vote On Marriage, the MA .org that was the head of the movement to put the gay marriage issue on the MA ballot. Unfortunately democracy failed there and so MA law still relies on the decision of a few court justices instead of the will of the people.

However, I am not so perfectly transparent as that. I've grown up in a fairly new Christian sect who's leader has called the acts of homosexuals the acts of "dung eating dogs". However, like many men who have walked this earth, I've had the tiniest little homosexual thoughts of my own. I've also had my clothed crotch grabbed at without my permission by a seemingly confused(he was in a relationship with woman at the time) Brazilian man who was a bit of a friend of mine. On top of it, the same many who once called gays "dung eating dogs" also preaches love for all people no matter what especially your enemies and especially sinners, because they're the ones who need it the most. Finally, I love science just as much(if not more) than I love religion. I used to be a bit of a computer geek.

So, I'm in a position where I have great interested in the feelings of gay people. I've very interested in being able to definitively answerer the question of nature or nurture. So when I head about Michael Glatze I was rather interested. Not only to hear his story, but to hear how other gays individually react to what he says.

In case you haven't heard the story, here are a couple links.

On WND (World Net Daily), Michael Glatze writes How a 'gay rights' leader became straight

Americans for Truth opinion report: Michael Glatze ‘Comes Out’ of Homosexuality: former ‘Young Gay America’ Magazine Co-founder

I know this story is a little old, but what can I say but that I guess I'm a little slow.

So my question is really posed to other gays. What do you feel about all this? Do you think that what Mr. Glatze has to say is interesting, or do you simply feel that "just because he's discovered he's not gay doesn't mean anything else he says these days is true"? I'd really like to know.

Please post what you think about it either here on my blog or here at B3DMB.

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