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Friday, September 28, 2007

Myanmar (Formerly Burmian) Monks March for Freedom!

Hello everyone. I suppose many of you have heard of the monks in Myanmar leadeing their people in peaceful protests for democracy. I you guess that I am in full support of their efforts. Well, I wanted to post about it here because Lisa just got a messege on her phone the supporters of the monks are encuraged to wear red today. I am wearing a red t-shirt and red boxers under my pants.

In case you hadn't heard, the Myanmar military government have ignored calls from all over the world (The US, EU, UN, and even their friendly neighbor China) to exercise restraint, especially considering that the last peaceful uprising in Myanma resulted in 3,000 dead. While China won't explicitly condem the junta ruling government, other countries (especially the U.S. of course) are calling for the juna to give in to the monks and allow for a peaceful change to democracy.

One country that I imagine is particularly P.O.'d at the junta would be Japan. According to them, while junta forces were attecking some monks, they also killed a Japanese photographer. I'm sure they will be a strong ally with the U.S. in the U.N., which is pushing for the U.N. security counsil to act on the situation.

Below I'll list a few links about the situation.

USA Today reporter Emily Bazar reports Burmese exiles laud bravery of protesters

AP reporter CHRISTOPHER BODEEN reports China Pleads for Calm in Myanmar

EUX.TV reports Norwegian trade union leader backs call to "wear red"

Seatle Times reporter Henry Chu reports Myanmar citizens take up monks' protest

And so the fight for freedom goes on.

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