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Sunday, September 30, 2007

AAAS Satalite Images of Atrocities in Burma

I'll do a separate entry tomorrow to talk about how earlier tonight went, but in the meantime, I told Cho Cho (one of the organisers and a political refugee from Burma who hasn't been to his mother land since 1997) that I would post information about AAAS's satellite pictures of Burma here on my blog.

So, here's a few helpful links about the AAAS's work to reveal human rights concerns in Burma.

Satellite images show Burma's plight

NEWS ALERT: Burma Army Burns Christian Karen Villages, Satellite Images Show

Satellite Images Corroborate Eyewitness Accounts of Human Rights Abuses in Burma, AAAS Reports Note that here is where some actual images can be found. In addition to the ones on this news report page, you can find more in the full report at the bottom of the page where it says For your conveniance, you can also view a full copy of the Burma report. It is in pdf format, so your computer should be able to read it. If your computer can't open the document, you can downlowed a copy of Adobe Reader here.

I hope these are useful. God bless,



Cho Cho told me there are talks of keeping the marches going every saturday untill the violence stops, the Monks and other political prisinors freed, and Burma is really on its way to democracy. However, he also said that they hadn't made any final decition. I gave him my email address so he can let me know when they've made a decision, but he seems like he's probably a busy man, so if anyone else hears news about further activities in Bergen, could you let me know by posting a comment here about it? Thanks!

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