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Thursday, February 12, 2009 petitions

Here's a message from which is of utmost importance if you want to the United States to have a chance at stopping the "stimulus" bill. It is followed by an email I sent to Congressman Bill Delahunt.

Dear Friend,

At 2PM tomorrow afternoon, your petitions (which at the moment number 395,047) will be officially presented to the United States Senate in an event at the Capitol. Later in the day, the Senate is expected to make the final vote on the Pelosi/Reid/Obama trillion dollar spending bill.

You're invited to join us for this presentation if you are in or near Washington. It will be held in Upper Senate Park at 2PM tomorrow. I'm sorry we couldn't give you more notice, but moving the vote up to tomorrow was a surprise move by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to try to jam this disastrous bill through before folks can even read the bill.

If someone tells you this fight is over think about this for a moment. Last Friday, I stood at the Capitol with a band of AFP staff, interns and volunteers as we presented our petitions to Senator Jim DeMint -- our free market leader in the Senate. At that time, we had 69,487 petitions.

Tomorrow, we will present your more than 400,000 petitions and -- if you can help us make a final push by sending the site to your friends in next couple of hours – it can be more than 500,000 petitions to the Senate telling them to vote NO on this outrageous spending bill.

Here's the update on where the battle stands.

Senate and House negotiators are set to agree tonight on a $789 billion bill. Here's what we know about the deal:

  • This conference report provides the least tax relief of any version yet, even cutting President Obama’s signature middle class tax cut from $500 per individual and $1000 per couple to $400 and $800. That takes money out the pockets of regular Americans to pay for more wasteful spending.
  • This conference report gives away as "tax cuts" tens-of-billions of dollars to people WHO DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES.
  • This conference report, by all accounts, still funds the stealth imposition of health care rationing via so-called “Comparative Evaluation Research,” that would let bureaucrats decides whether people are too old or too sick to receive a treatment.
  • The price tag is still astonishing. $789 billion might be less than the Senate’s $838 billion, but it’s massively more than the $300 billion this bill originally was proposed at, and still tops a trillion dollars when interest is included. There's still $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, $600 million to buy cars for government workers, $88 million for ATV and bike trails and so much more waste. And, go to to see the wish list of earmarks for cities and counties in your area. It will blow your mind.

With a likely Senate vote tomorrow, time is of the essence. These are the key action items that could lead to victory tomorrow:

1. Get at least 3 more people to sign the petition. If we have a huge final push we could reach an astonishing half-million signers -- or more -- before our presentation event tomorrow.

2. Make 1 last call to your senator. Many of you have done this and we're so thankful for your standing up. But, we have just 24 hours to make our final push. Call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 or better yet go on-line and call your Senator's local offices. If you need talking points go to and we've got plenty.

3. Consider making a special financial contribution to Americans for Prosperity today. Help us continue to get the word out about the dangers of this no-stimulus bill to literally millions more Americans around the country. Your support will provide resources to ramp up our "No Stimulus" advertising and outreach on websites like the Drudge Report,, and others for the final day of this fight so we can generate thousands upon thousands of phone calls into Senate offices. A gift of $10, $25, $50 - or any amount you could afford - would go a long way toward reaching even more people with our No Stimulus message and mobilizing them to make a difference alongside you and me to STOP the Pelosi/Reid/Obama boondoggle.

You're making a huge difference. Yesterday, “Americans for Prosperity” and “No Stimulus Petition” were the top two searches in the nation on Google, and your efforts to drive literally hundreds of thousands of people to our website was a featured story on the Yahoo! front page. Additionally, today you may have seen the number of petition signers ticking upward along the bottom line of the Fox News “ticker.” You have literally flooded Senate offices with your calls and most of Washington is now going to site to view the counter to find out how many folks have signed the petition.

I know the pundits are political prognosticators are saying it's over and the Pelosi\Reid\Obama trillion dollar bill is a done deal.

But, don't be discouraged. Instead, keep fighting. One petition signer from Wisconsin, Carla, sent me an email that says exactly why we should keep fighting. She wrote:


For a week I've been so frustrated over this terrible Stimulus bill. Then in the last day I've called both my senators and my congressman. I've signed the petition and then forwarded it to my entire email list. For the first time in my life I even called a local talk radio show to tell people why the bill is so bad.

And you something, I feel so much better because I'm doing all I can do."

Carla is right. We can just be frustrated over what these politicians are trying to do to our nation and our economic freedoms. Or, we can do "all we can do" for our nation.

Thanks and if you are in the area please join us tomorrow, 2PM, Upper Senate Park for the presentation of your petitions to the Senate!!


Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

Here's the bulk of the email I just sent:

Mr. Delahunt, I know you're a Democrat and really want to believe in our new presidents plan to recover our economy, but please listen to reason! The economic recovery plan about to go up for vote will not save our country. All it will do is put is more into debt. There are three ways the Federal Government can pay for the stimulus, and all of them are bad for our economy.

This is coming from a Conservative Libertarian from our dear Massachusetts 10th district. Specifically, the town of Tisbury. If you want to check my voting status before you read on, my name is Christopher David Osborn and my last U.S. address was zipcode 02568, the hamlet of Vineyard Haven in the town of Tisbury in the county of Dukes County.

The first, taxes, takes away money from the people who would otherwise save, spend, or invest it. In an economic crisis higher taxes (for anybody, including the big corporations nobody likes) should be unthinkable. The Revenue Act of 1932 was one of the major reasons the economic problems at the time deepened and lengthened into the Great Depression.

The second, government borrowing, is just as bad! It also takes money out of the private economy - the money that bond purchasers hand over to the government in exchange for bonds. The money people use to buy bonds could be much better served either investing in American businesses, buying American products, or saving in American banks to increase their value.
Also, if the funds are borrowed, we eventually have to pay it back, creating the same tax problems for the next generation - only worse because of interest. Excessive borrowing may also increase interests rates, furthering our credit problem.

The final way to pay for it, without a tax and without borrowing, is to have the Federal Reserve just print more money. This is perhaps the very worst option of all. We cannot just create money out of thin our without it coming back to byte us. Printing more money means the bills and coins we have in our wallets and savings account will be worth less and less. The devaluation of the dollar will eventually lead to us having push wheelbarrows of money to the grocery store just to buy a loaf of bread!
Inflation is the worst thing you could possibly cause! Do you know that the Germans tried to use inflation as a method of war? They attempted to print fraudulent pounds and ship them to the U.K. in order to collapse their economy.

Another reason for you not to pass the bill is for what the money is being spent on. I don't know what it is exactly, but I keep hearing that the massive amount of it is going to buy condoms or some other sex-related thing. One website talks of some kind of adult sex workshop.

There is also supposedly going to be spending by the Department of Agriculture on broadband Internet services in rural areas. First of all, the Ag department has no business dealing with broadband Internet access - my grandfather (the late Rodman F. Backus Jr., founder of Rod's Flowershop & Nursery and Rod's Landscaping on Martha's Vineyard) went to an Ag school and while he was a great and intelligent man he new nothing about computers. Second of all, that the heck is the government doing giving people free Internet?! Sure, it's a good business and educational resource, but do you realise how much of it is just used for porn? I am ashamed to admit this, but honestly, it was not too many years ago when I was one of those porn-addicted teenagers. If rural schools, libraries, and businesses are having problems getting Internet access that's one thing, but I don't want the general public being given free broadband access.

Please, read the bill. If you haven't had time to read the whole thing, demand to be given the time to read it. Once you read it, do not give in if you see anything that's unnecessary. You can do it! If you see something you think is inappropriate for the government to be spending money on, that shout it out and tell the others that you will be voting no unless it is taken out! Stand up for what you know is right and against what you know is wrong! Be the patriot I know you can be!

In Liberty,

Christopher D. Osborn

Here's hoping for a miracle for our country,

from Bergen, Hordaland, Norge,

Christopher D. Osborn

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