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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letter on Economy to and from Sen. Edward Kennedy

Hey, I just recently sent an email my senetors and representatives.  They are Sen. Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy and Sen. John Forbes Kerry representing the whole of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Congressman William D. (Bill) Delahunt representing the Massachusetts 10th district.

One of them, Sen. Kennedy, responded.  Below is what I wrote, followed by what he wrote back to me.

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Christopher D. Osborn
[my U.S. address was inserted here]

January 14, 2009

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 [recipient name was inserted here],

I I just wanted to let you know that I oppose the request for $350 billion
in TARP funds (and any other government bailout or stimulus package)
because it does not make any sense for the government to intervene when
government intervention is what caused this problem in the first place.

What I support is the permanent income hypothesis (PIH).  From Wikipedia:
"The permanent income hypothesis (PIH) is a theory of consumption that was
developed by the American economist Milton Friedman. In its simplest form,
PIH states that the choices made by consumers regarding their consumption
patterns are determined not by current income but by their longer-term
income expectations."

The hole reason past stimulus packages have not worked is because while we
were all happy to receive money, a sudden burst of cash does not guarantee
long-term financial stability.  Weather you are a big company receiving
billions or an individual receiving hundreds or even thousands, if you're
only getting it once you will likely want to save it or pay off old bills
rather than spend it on new things.  Weather it be a new washing machine
or a new factory or other big investment, you will be hesitant to spend
the money if you aren't sure that you'll be getting more money in the

Please consider pushing to immediately eliminate the . . .

* Capital gains tax (which discourages investment),
* Corporate tax (which is merely passed on to consumers),
* And reduce the regressive payroll tax, which does not need to be so high
in order to pay for current entitlement expenses

Permanent tax reductions would . . .

* Make new investments and businesses profitable
* Convince consumers that their incomes will be higher for the long run
* Increase investment, job creation, and consumer confidence.

P.S. while in the sender information I've put my American
adress, I currently reside in Norway as I've married a Norwegian.  Make no
mistake though, that I still care deeply about my country despite living
abroad, and I do plan on moving back to the United States in a few years.
In addition, while I am away I will still be voting.

To contact me in Norway, please either use my email address the the
Norwegian phone number a provided.

Also, my blogs are and

Sincerely in Liberty,

Christopher D. Osborn
[my Norwegian phone number was inserted here]

Please use this link to SEE ME and view more information about me

Employer Name: unemployed
Employer City: Bergen, Hordaland, Norge
Position: unemployed
Are you a registered voter?: Yes
Did you vote in the last election?: Yes
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Organization: One Family Under God, United States of America, Commonwealth
of Massachusetts Interest Group: God's Children, American Citizens, and
Bay Staters Living Abroad Would you like a reply?: Yes Have you visited
our website?: Yes

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And here is the reply:

Dear Mr. Osborn:


Thank you for your recent letter on the economy and the proposed economic stimulus package.This is a very important issue to me, and I'm committed to making sure that hardworking families get the help they need. 

Day after day, we see distressing evidence that our economy is continuing in the wrong direction. The unemployment rate is rising, the cost of basic essentials such as food and fuel is soaring, and foreclosures and bankruptcies are skyrocketing. Our failing economy has a real impact on the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Every day, working men and women are being forced to make impossible choices between feeding their families, paying their bills, and keeping their homes. 

That's why I strongly support immediate stimulus legislation to help those in need and revive our economy as soon as possible. The Senate stimulus proposal is a major step in the right direction. It contains targeted spending and tax incentives designed to jump-start the economy as quickly as possible. It also provides help to the large numbers of unemployed workers, including 75,000 workers in Massachusetts, who have exhausted their unemployment benefits while they continue to look for jobs. 

There's still more to be done in coming days before the stimulus package is complete. I believe we must add aid for the millions of families struggling to heat their homes, and give greater assistance to those who need help in feeding their families. 

We have much to do in the days ahead, and I intend to do all I can to make sure that working people in Massachusetts aren't left behind. 

Thank you again for your letter on this pressing issue.



Edward M. Kennedy
So, there we have it.  I imagine Sen. Kennedey did not write this, as last I heard he was, while still working to some extent, is rather ill.  Becides, even if he was perfectly fine I doubt he has the time to respond to my emails.  However, it was nice of a staff member to respond in his name.

Though despite that it is nice to get a response, I wish it more specifically adressed the ideas I  mentioned.  Oh well.  I still love being American for this very reason, that what I say and think does still matter to my government, at least a little, and while I know governments care about the people in other countires I do beleive the American Revolutuion is what really inspired this way of thinking.

From Bergen, Hordaland, Norge,

Christopher D. Osborn

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