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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Protect Yourself from the End of America

The latest Daily Wealth newletter is all doom and gloom.  Here's a quote from Porter Stansberry that summs up their worries:
This is how America ends – with the lie that we all can live at the expense of our neighbor and borrow endlessly. Rather than simply face a downturn in the economy, we plan to borrow trillions of dollars our children and grandchildren will be forced to repay. Rather than let all those people and institutions that took on too much debt (like GM) be liquidated and restructured, we plan to risk a hyperinflation. Rather than insist homeowners who can't afford their mortgages lose their homes, we would jeopardize the credit rating of the country.

It is all madness. None of the government's bailout plans will solve any of the problems. The government can only shift the burden of the failures. Instead of bondholders and shareholders being wiped out, taxpayers are put on the hook. These actions will temporarily resuscitate the economy – but cause a permanent decline in the value of the dollar.

I'm sure I've posted about this theory before.  Anyway, he does have a few idea's of hour to prepare. Unfortunatly many of us, such as myself, don't even have the money to take up his suggestions.  Oh well, it'll be alright, 'cause I have theory.

It may very well be that the United States of America as we know it will come to an end.  However, I think it'll be alright.  There is still war out there, but I really think the human family has evolved so very much, that by the time the U.S. starts to crumble, it won't matter.  

Don't get me wrong, I love my country dearly, and I would ber very sad to see it's end.  However, more and more people are sayign "world peace," more and more are saying "live for the sake of others."  I think that while President Obama's stratagy of saving our economy now will distroy it in the future - he helping to push for a culture of service in this country will make it alright.  Nobody will have any money, but everyone will be helping eahcother out for free anyway!  I don't mean to say we'll have communism nessiserily.  Instead, we'll have Libertarian socialism - that is, everyone living for the sake of the whole, and soing so in free will, without any forceful government persuasion.

We will have the same capitalist society that we love, accept that the culture of service will compensate for the fast that nobody has anything.  In the past, if nobody has any money, either everyone starves because everyone is looking out for themselves, a totalitarian regime comes about and forces change, or both.  However, and the global culture continues to be pushed towards a "let's all hold hands" kind of world, people won't suffer as much as they did in past depressions, nor will we cry of for some Hitlar, Stalin, or Kim-Il-Sung.

From bergen, Hordaland, Norge,

Christopher D. Osborn

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Politicamente Incorrecto said...

Dont worry, America had the same in the past and we go foward again and again, the thing are in our Constitution that guarantee the liberty, the freedom of speech and thinking, dont worry Americas never end, at least in the next five houndred years.
God Bless the USA.
If tommorrow all the things were gone..... i'm proud to be an American were at least i know i'm free.....