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Russetid på Kolbotn :)

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ron Paul Says, "No"

What part of that message do some of his supporters not understand?

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Now that Ron Paul has no chance of winning, we should focus on three things.

1. Trying to get him a speaking position at the Republican convention so more Republicans have the opportunity to hear what he has to say right from the horses mouth instead of from the little scrapes they hear on the news.

2. Spreading the message, because it's the message that matters most. Ron Paul is a great man, but still only a man. In fact, he's an old man who will likely die in the next twenty years or so, and retire before that. The message should last forever.

3. Finding like-minded individuals to run for congress (as well as other government offices) to help Dr. Paul in actually making a difference in our country. So far Dr. Paul has hardly been able to do anything in his long career as a congressman because he is only only one man whose ideas are very different from most people in politics.

I am very glad to see this article by "rtbohan" and I hope many people in the movement read it and take it to heart.


Christopher D. Osborn

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