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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Global Warming, or Global Fraud?

Thanks go to my father, James G. Osborn, for bringing this video to my attention, and finally to yours.

First, some background information. Professor Robert M. Carter is a research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, Australia, and a founding member of the Australian Environment Foundation. He is considered an experienced marine geologist, environmental scientist, paleontologist, and stratigrapher. Here's his personal website.

Biologist Dr. Jennifer Marohasy is a senior fellow and director of the environment unit at the conservative Australian think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs. Check out her Sourcewatch profile here.

Here it is, thank goodness for YouTube. This is the first of four videos. I won't post the rest, but you can see the others on YouTube itself here in the related videos section. Just to give you a little warning, he's an Australian Scientists, so because of his accent and the terminology he's sometimes hard to understand. However, at least in the first video, I think you'll get it pretty easily. The last video is also pretty easy to understand.

See also: List of scientists opposing global warming consensus.

On a different topic, I also recommend checking out the YouChoose'08 section of YouTube. It's really a great place to check out all the candidates. Within this section, I especially like the CNN/YouTube Debate Section.

Candidates I like the best, in order, are John McCain, Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and Christopher Dodd. In case you don't now John McCain and Ron Paul are Republicans, while Barack Obama and Christopher Dodd are Democrats.


Fipher said...

I just wanted to add, though, about my choice for president, that Sen Biden has a perfect plan for Iraq.

I talk about this here:

Anonymous said...

Finally an intelligent human that seems to have done some research on lots of different things.. By the way, I got your blog site off ""

Fipher said...

Awsome, thanks for stopping by. I allways like to identify myself when posting on other sites if there is enough room. Unfortunately some sites have too much restrictions on the size of comments, but SodaHead doesn't.

By the way, in case you hadn't noticed, I've changed my mind about who I want as our next president. While I still like Senator Biden's plan for Iraq, I like Ron Paul on everything else.

Again, thanks for stopping by and posting. I don't seem to get too much traffic.